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Alira HTS


The Alira HTS commercial outdoor air source heat pump is available in 4 models with heating capacity up to 98kW (EN 14511) and cooling capacity up to 89.6kW (EN 14511).

Key features
  • Reverse cycle operation for heating and cooling requirements

  • Heating mode flow temperature up to 65°C (5°C outside air)

  • Seasonal COP (EN 14825) up to 3.36

  • Cooling mode flow temperature down to 6°C (44°C outside air)

  • Seasonal EER (EN 14825) up to 2.91

  • Fixed (Precision) or sliding (Economy) temperature set-points

  • Climate compensated operation

  • Twin multi-stage hermetic scroll compressors

  • Integrated serial connection to external BMS

  • Optional cascade control of up to 4 units