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Alterra SWC/SWCV

The Alterra SWC/SWCV heat pump is available in 25 models with an output range of 4.7 - 18.6kW.

Key features
  • Energy-efficient/low running costs

  • Heating and domestic hot water preparation (optional cooling via an integrated exchanger)

  • Flexible heating system for all property types

  • Easily combined with ventilation systems, solar hot water & wood or pellet stove

  • Simple and user-friendly control using the alpha app

  • Highest domestic hot water comfort

  • Made in Germany to high manufacturing standards

  • Solar PV system compatibility


The SWC/SWCV range of brine/water heat pumps from Alpha Innotec are one of the most flexible on the market, making installation quick and simple. Both models deliver environmentally friendly heating and highly efficient domestic hot water, providing comfort all year round. They can also be combined with alternative energy supplies, such as solar PV, allowing them to quickly and efficiently adapt to a range of environments and system requirements. 

For maximum user comfort, the SWCV models feature the latest inverter technology, which continually modulates heat pump output, allowing it to react swiftly to changes in demand and provide incredibly consistent temperature control.

To complement the high quality technology inside the heat pumps, they boast an elegant and modern design, as well as incredibly low operating sound levels – making them suitable for a wide range of rooms within a property.

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Heat pump calculator

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