Juniper PW HP calorifier with integrated heat pump

Juniper HP

Polywarm® coated calorifer with integrated heat pump. Available in a range of 2 models from 200-300 litres.

Key features
  • 2.3kW* Integrated Heat Pump

  • 1.5kW Electric Element

  • 200 & 300 litre capacity

  • Unvented kits

  • Cathode protection

  • Electronic Control Unit


The Juniper HP calorifier is available in 2 models, with capacities of 200 & 300 litres. Each utilising an integrated heat pump, with a COP of up to 2.98*, that produces DHW thanks to the heat energy naturally present in the air, allowing considerable energy savings. The heat pump, using R134a refrigerant, ensures high performance and cost efficiency. The energy (heat) is transferred from the air to the water through a condenser coil wrapped around the outside of the tank, avoiding any possible contact between the fluid and the sanitary water, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety. The output is indicated by the coefficient of performance (C.O.P.) indicating the relation between used and obtained energy*. Each calorifier has a Polywarm® coating with cathode protection.

*kW rating based on an air temperature of 20°C raising the water from 15°C to 55°C.

brochureInstallers Guide
5yr Tank Guarantee
ErP Part L Compliant
WRAS ApprovedPolywarm, Energy Efficiency Class C