Refurbishment Project at Worcester Point

Tony Saint, 360 Fix Ltd, has specified Modutherm Heat Interface Units at Worcester Point in London.

The Modutherm MTA unit utilises a three piece norryl plastic water carrying back plate, with all key components positioned to the front. The three piece back plate eschews the myriad of brazed jointed copper pipework, all with the potential risk of leaks, typically found in a more conventional HIU.

When specifying replacement units for Worcester Point, the Modutherm MTA was selected due to the ease of installation and accessibility for future servicing and maintenance.  

Modutherm has supplied its MTA indirect heat interface unit, from its range of 7 models including, indirect, direct, DHW and heating only modules. The MTA comes with a 2 year parts warranty, which can be extended to 5 years.

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Commercial boilers | Modutherm
Commercial boilers | Modutherm