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Alterra PWZSV

The Alterra PWZSV heat pump is available in 4 models with an output range of 5.95 - 17.2kW.

Key features
  • Energy efficient/low energy costs

  • Heating and domestic hot water in one appliance

  • Space saving dimensions and flexible positioning

  • Completely pre-assembled including 180 litre stainless steel domestic hot water cylinder

  • Controllable worldwide via smartphone app

  • Attractive design

  • Integration with photovoltaic systems possible


The Alterra PWZSV from Modutherm is a compact brine/water source heat pump intended for use where energy is sourced from a series of geothermal probes or ground collectors. Heating and domestic hot water can be provided with the PWZSV, and the integrated 180 litre stainless steel storage cylinder will give copious amounts of domestic hot water for the whole family.

Despite the many integrated components, the dimensions of the Alterra PWZSV are very frugal, and the unit takes up only half a square meter of floor space, making thePWZSV ideal where space is at a premium. The attractive and modern appearance means the unit will not look out of place in a kitchen or other living area if a utility cupboard is unavailable. The PWZSV can also be sited within a niche or under a staircase, as all internal parts are accessible from the front of the appliance.

The Alterra PWZSV provides the perfect solution for achieving high output within limited space constraints. In addition, the inverter drive modulating variants optimally adapt output to match that of the property, and its occupants, thus making them particularly energy-efficient, which saves on electricity costs and makes them kinder to the environment.

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