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Genesis FS

The Genesis FS floor standing condensing boiler is available in 4 models with outputs from 124kW - 250kW. All models have a stainless steel heat exchanger for long term durability.

Key features
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Cascade installations up to 16 boilers

  • Class 6 NOx emmisions

  • High modulation ratio up to 13:1

  • 0-10V control

  • Stainless steel internal pipework

  • Efficiency up to 108% net


The Genesis FS floor standing boiler is available in 4 models from 124kW - 250kW. Every floor standing unit has a highly durable stainless steel heat exchanger offering thermal efficiency up to 108% net. The Genesis FS boiler has a modulation range up to 13:1, and a small footprint making it suitable for installation in areas with space constraints. The boiler also features an intelligent control system, which can cascade up to 16 boilers in a modular configuration.

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