Genesis 32 boiler | Modutherm

Genesis FS

The Genesis FS floor standing condensing boiler is available in 5 models with outputs from 124kW - 300kW. All models have a stainless steel heat exchanger for long term durability.

  • High modulation ratio up to 10:1
    This enables the boiler to finely adjust its output, ensuring a consistent and efficient heating experience. With optimal control over energy consumption, the Genesis FS stands as a pinnacle of efficiency in heating solutions, offering users a sophisticated and informed choice for their heating needs.
  • Compact dimensions
    The Genesis FS boiler excels with its compact design, seamlessly fitting into any space. Perfect for both new setups and retrofits, its small footprint optimizes space usage without compromising efficiency.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Cascade installations up to 16 boilers

  • Class 6 NOx emmisions

  • High modulation ratio up to 10:1

  • 0-10V control

  • Stainless steel internal pipework

  • Efficiency up to 108% net