Genesis 32 boiler | Modutherm

Genesis FS Plus

The Genesis FS Plus (floor standing) boiler is available in a range of 7 models from 318 - 1156kW, with a highly durable stainless steel heat exchanger offering thermal efficiency up to 108% net.

  • High modulation ratio up to 7:1
    This enables the boiler to finely adjust its output, ensuring a consistent and efficient heating experience. With optimal control over energy consumption, the Genesis FS stands as a pinnacle of efficiency in heating solutions, offering users a sophisticated and informed choice for their heating needs.
  • Achieves 2 BREEAM credits
    The Genesis FS boiler earns 2 BREEAM credits. These credits signify the boiler's adherence to rigorous criteria for energy efficiency and environmental impact, enhancing your project's overall sustainability rating.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Cascade installations up to 16 boilers

  • Class 6 NOx emmisions

  • High modulation ratio up to 10:1

  • 0-10V control

  • Stainless steel internal pipework

  • Efficiency up to 108% net

  • Compact dimensions