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Juniper PDC

Thermal exchange heat pump calorifer. Available in a range of 3 models from 300-800 litres.

Key features
  • Unique patented heat exchange system

  • 300-800 litre capacity

  • 30% reduction of DHW production time

  • Unvented kits

  • Cathode protection

  • Optional electrical element


The Juniper PDC heat pump calorifier is available in 3 models, with capacities ranging from 300-800 litres. Each calorifier has a Polywarm® coating with cathode protection.

The Juniper PDC heat pump calorifier is the result of continuous research and is the only patented system of thermal exchange on the market. The exchange and stratification system is designed to self balance only part of the heated water, proportionate to the temperature achieved during the thermal exchange. This allows for the water in the upper section to be at the maximum desired temperature when inserted, whilst fresh water coming from the lower section of the tank goes to the exchanger. This system helps increase the efficiency of the heat pump COP and is able to guarantee 30% higher performance compared to a traditional calorifier. Laboratory tests on the stratification process confirm 15% reduction of electrical consumption.

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