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The MTA Eco Twin is an indirect twin plate heat interface unit designed to provide instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) and space heating in an apartment or detached property when connected to a central energy source within a heat network. The unit provides heating loads up to 21kW and DHW loads up to 90kW.

  • Unique composite HydraBlok® back plate
    The MTA Eco Twin has little potential for leaks as it is not fitted with metal pipework and brass fittings. Everything is built upon a unique HydraBlok® backplate which contains all waterway channels moulded within a composite chassis.
  • Easy controls
    The MTA Eco Twin is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen LCD interface. The unit is also compatible with home hub systems, smart home thermostats, phone apps, and OpenTherm Thermostats.
  • SWEP AS AISI 316 heat exchangers

  • Ultra-compact dimensions

  • 16 bar rated

  • Ultra-compact dimensions

  • First fix kit with integral isolation valves

  • Programmable heating delta T

  • Primary modulating control valve

  • Integral quick-fill device

  • Optional flushing bypass valve and flushing loop

  • Optional top entry insulated pipe kit