Nobel Pressurisation unit | Modutherm


Pressurisation Unit. Available in a range of 4 models (NS/NT/NSHP/NTHP).

Key features
  • Compact wall hung

  • Single or twin pump

  • Wall mounted (3.4 bar) or floor standing (6 bar)

  • Fluid Protection Category 4

  • Plug & play, but easily adjustable on site if required

  • System fill mode

  • Password protection available

  • Pressure setting in 0.1 bar increments

  • Pump cycle counts

  • Pump run time limiter

  • Water limiter

  • Pump duty run to exercise pumps

  • Automatic pump switchover (NT only)


The compact Nobel pressurisation unit is available as a single or a twin pump. Totally enclosed, the digital pressurisation unit has an electronic pressure transducer, complete with a user friendly microprocessor. The unit is used on sealed systems in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement. Modutherm’s range of expansion vessels are available from 24-500 litres, either vertical or horizontal and suitable for heating, chilled or potable systems.

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