Genesis WM boiler | Modutherm
Genesis WM boiler | Modutherm


The Quad is a high capacity, natural refrigerant CO₂ heat pump. The Quad delivers water heating capacities ranging from 100kW through to 1400kW (other sizes available on request).

  • CO₂ Refrigerant
    The Quad operates using Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) as a refrigerant. CO₂ is a naturally occurring, non toxic and non flammable refrigerant. Whilst being an incredibly sustainable refrigerant, CO₂ is a highly effective working fluid and is perfectly suited to high temperature high capacity and heat pump application.

    The unique properties of CO₂ enable the Quad to be an incredibly flexible heat pump solution, able to collect heat energy from a range of sources including Air, Water and waste heat from industrial processes. The Quad can even operate in a simultaneous heating and cooling mode.
  • Natural refrigerant CO₂ - high capacity heat pump

  • 85°C water flow temperature

  • Industrial heat recovery, air or water source

  • High energy efficiency

  • Remote control monitoring

  • Full IoT edge connectivity

  • Engineered and built in the UK to the highest standards

  • Duties up-to 1.4MW on a single skid

  • Wide ΔT up to 55°C